A. Payable to College:

                  The total Course Fee payable by a student is determined by the University and it is to be deposited at the time of admission.Fees once deposited are not refundable.Only caution money after deduction,if any is to be refunded in due course. The following charges will be also collected:

Items Amount
Identity Card Rs 20.00
Library Card Rs 20.00
Prospectus Rs 200.00
Caution Money Rs 500.00
Library Devlopment Fee Rs 1000.00
Saraswati Puja Subscription Rs 300.00
Lab.Fee(Work Education) Rs 3000.00
Lab.Fee( Life Sc./ Geo./Phy.Sc.) Rs 2000.00
Game Fee Rs 40.00
1. Cost of Examination, 2.Examination Fee, 3. Centre Fee, 4. Delay Fee, 5. Practical Fee Forms As Per University Norms
1. Diploma Fee, 2. Registration Fee(For Migrated Students) As Per University Norms

B. Payable to University:

           1. Cost of Examination Forms.

           2. Examination Fees

           3. Centre Fees

           4. Delay Fees

           5. Practical Fees

           6. Diploma Fees

           7. Registration Fees